Zliide - a small IoT product with great business potential

Zliide is an intelligent clothing alarm tag you unlock when paying on your mobile phone

Zliide came to Xtel Wireless with a great business idea for a new IoT project. A clothing alarm tag that automatically unlocks when you pay with Zliide’s mobile app. The alarm tag has embedded wireless technology so it can communicate with the app. When the mobile phone is kept close to the alarm, the clothes appear on the screen and you can pay and unlock the alarm chip so that you can remove it yourself. You can therefore buy items without having to contact the store staff. The Zliide alarm tag is equipped with the latest sensor technologies, thus analyzing real-time in-store statistics and providing stores and clothing groups with data, which has not been seen in the physical stores so far. Not only does it mean streamlining and ending queues at eg. Christmas, but also giving a huge business potential by allowing customers additional services and stores to manage and view consumer behavior.


A small wireless IoT product with outstanding business potential. We look forward to following Zliide ahead and seeing them roll out the unmatched possibilities it allows to embed wireless technology into this simple and well-known product.


For the development of Zliide, we have had the following competences in play:

  • Hardware development
  • Mekanic development
  • Software development
  • Product maturation
  • Product design
  • App development
  • Interface design
  • Identity

Technical Specification

Zliide covers a fully developed IoT system, where Xtel Wireless has developed all the sub-elements of the first prototype. Development of the prototype has included HW, embedded SW, App and Cloud server development. In addition to a mobile app for the end user, Xtel Wireless has also been involved in the development of an app for staff in the business, so they can quickly connect barcode scanning to the individual piece of clothing with the alarm chip in the database.


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