We do IoT

Internet of Things

Xtel Wireless is an independent development company and leader within IoT product development. If you are thinking of building an IoT product or upgrading an existing product with IoT technologies, we are the leading specialist that you and your company needs.

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Xtel’s IoT platform

Moviot, our IoT-platform, consists of reliable IoT technologies –  so your project will be developed quickly with minimum risk.


Industry 4.0 is easy

We have developed an IoT package that allows you to set up and start Industry 4.0 in your production in just 30 minutes.

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IoT – Get started

It is important to start your IoT project the right way. We help you understand all the possibilities within IoT.


We are the IoT experts you need

We have decades of experience with IoT in both software and hardware development.

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Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) connects your IoT products directly to the mobile network, i.e. independent of a gateway.

Iphone der viser ved hjælp af sporinssensor kan vise en noget befinder sig

Xtel Wireless is an independent development company specializing in wireless technology. For more than 10 years, we have worked with many of the leading Danish companies and have provided them with cutting edge technologies and functionality for their products and production.
We look forward to discuss about your project too – Call +45 3098 4140.