Aguardio Leak Sensor

Avoid leaking toilets

Using Aguardio Leak Sensor, it is possible to detect and get notified when there is a leak and thereby avoid costly and unexpected water bills.

Detect leaks before they become a problem with IoT

A leaking toilet can be difficult to detect if the water trickles down the inner backside of the toilet pan. Therefore, we have developed a leak sensor that automatically detects a leaking toilet. The sensor measures whether there is a constant flow of water within the pipe. When a leak is detected, the sensor alerts you. The sensor is capable of detecting leaks as little as five liters of water per hour which is not even visible in the toilet pan.

The first 10.0000 Leak Sensors are in production starting June 2021.

Aguardio Leak Sensor

Simple installation without plumping

The installation of Aguardio Leak Sensor will literally take less than a couple of minutes. Clamp the small sensor around the toilet water inlet with a strip and then it is ready to detect water leakage and notify via sound. The installation does not require any plumbing or professionals which can be both costly and risk leaks. We have integrated a long-lasting battery, up to 10 years, which makes Aguadio free of maintenance.

Aguardio Leak Sensor can be parred with Aguardio G2, which is their nudging device to reduce shower time and thereby water savings. By the parring, the leak sensor can also notify either the facility manager, landlord or tenant when there is a leak and not only the user by a soundnotification.

We have also had the pleasure of developing the G2 device – read the case here

“After our collaboration with Xtel Wireless about Aguardio G2, we had no doubt that they also should develop our Leak Sensor. They are not only extremely skilled, they are also a very understanding and comfortable partner”.

Thomas Munch-Laursen, Co-founder & CEO hos Aguardio.

IoT technology for savings and sustainability

Aguardio Leak Sensor speaks directly into Aguadio’s wish to help people live more sustainably by reducing their water and energy consumption, just as the nudging device contributes to.

A leaking toilet might not be noticeable a first but it definitely will be when the water bill arrives. Based on Danish freshwater prices, a leaking toilet would typically cost between €700 to €3800 a year. A recent experiment has shown that a family ended up wasting around 283 m3 clean water and around 15.000 DKK/€2000 during 32 day period not visiting their holiday home.
Therefore, Aguardio Leak Sensor is quickly proving its worth both in the wallet and for the environment.

Technical specification

The system includes: