IoT for monitoring of pumps

Danfoss High Pressure Pumps make their wired sensors wireless and optimize and streamline their installations efforts.

Fast and reliable installation

The project will facilitate the installation of pressure sensors in Danfoss high-pressure pumps, which are used, among other things, in freshwater plants. Instead of a demanding installation with signal and power cables, the 3 sensors per high-pressure pump can now be installed without any cables. The pressure sensors are equipped with an Xtel BLE Ultra Low Power module, based on Xtel’s BTLE IoT Platform, which is battery-operated and wirelessly connects to a nearby gateway. Data is here collected and will be uploaded to the cloud for subsequent analysis.

Danfos højtrykspumpe med implementeret Iot-enhed

Predictive maintenance

The XTEL BLE module offers a high-precision A/D converter and can transfer measurement data to a Cloud-based IT system. The quality of the data is that good, that it is possible, via post-processing, to use it for predictive maintenance of the pumps.

Wireless IoT sensors are easy to integrate for even non-technical employees and significantly reduce the installation cost compared to traditional wired sensors.

Forskellige trådløse enheder

The sensors can measure:

  •     4-20 mA inputs
  •     Press in bar
  •     Can be used on most 4-20 mA sensor types

Technical specification

An IoT setup for the environment requires a special robustness that we of course have taken into consideration when developing both Xtel’s IoT sensors and IoT gateway.
The solution is developed on Moviot IoT Product Platform.

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