Docospot: Using big data strategically

Docospot is an intuitive, labor-saving cloud-based data harvesting tool that ensures a positive bottom line.

Big data provides new insight and increases clients business

Via a mobile solution, this cloud-based IoT management tool reduces administration loads and improves the efficiency of everyday documentation management. The tool allows for decision-making on the basis of the data harvested from users.

The data provided by the new tool has enabled several Docospot customers to develop a new business model. In addition to input from users, data collected from sensors supports their strategic decision-making.


The mobile solution offered by the cloud-based Docospot tool reduces administrative burdens and improves efficiency in handling everyday documentation.

The Docospot solution:

  • allows planning to ensure uniform work performance and easy comparability for management
  • solves the problem of documenting tasks on different media such as PC, paper, telephones, etc.
  • collects all documentation into a single report, making saving and extracting reports for the company’s improvement and quality studies easy and intuitive
  • allows for bespoke solutions for different industries thanks to its generic construction
  • offers designs suited for all businesses, developed by our engineers and UI designers.

Technical specifications

Docospot is a fully developed cloud-based system. Xtel developed the entire backend and frontend, allowing customers to host their servers or let Docospot take care of the job.

The presentation and correlation of the big data available to the company is made easy by this new tool.

Xtel’s use of the latest technology ensures support of all common platforms, such as HTML5 for the Webpages, cell phones and tablets (Apple iOS and Android) and PC operating systems (Windows 7, 8, 10, etc.).

The graphic design ensures an intuitive and easily modified user interface, whatever the needs.

  • Cloud solution
  • Mobile applications development for Android and iOS
  • Backend and frontend servers
  • Handling of big data for analysis
  • Developed in C#, HTML5, Python, OBJ-C, and Java
  • Auto-generated reports based on customer needs
  • Complete back office management