Xzense – intelligent remote control for your fireplace

Xtel Wireless has developed the complete Xzense system to exodraft ensuring their customers are getting full control over their fireplace and maximum comfort in combination with an exodraft smoke extractor.

Intelligent remote control for your fireplace

exodraft’s new wireless controller, Xzense, is developed to be used together with exodraft smoke extractor when heating up with fireplaces, stoves and boilers for solid fuels.

Xzense can automatically turn on the smoke detector by an implemented temperature sensor but also by simply activating the on/off on the control panel. The temperature sensor is monitoring the fireplace and is sending a message when more solid fuel must be applied. When the temperature is further decreasing, the smoke extractor is automatically turning off. One simple programming of the controlling makes it possible to use Xzense optimally in combination with an open fireplace or a stove/boiler.
Xzense can also warn against too high temperatures in the chimney.

Exodraft display og mobil

Main functionalities

The Xzense product is tailored to exodraft, and is thereby fulfilling their demands to among other things battery lifetime, controlling through control panel and app on smartphone, wide reach e.g. through wall of concrete and updating the system through app on smartphone.

Read more about Xzense here

Technical specification

The systems contains:

  • 868 Mhz with a protocol ensuring deep reach
  • Bluetooth 5.x
  • Wireless display with GUI
  • Long battery lifetime
  • iOS and Android app
  • SW-updates of the system through app
  • Wireless power-device for controlling of smoke extractor
  • Wireless repeater to increase the reach
  • Parring of devices
  • Developed on Moviot IoT Product Platform