Minicube PCR

An innovative DNA copying machine

Minicube is a faster and more accurate PCR machine than other conventional machines on the market.

Revolutionary technology and innovative business

Minicube PCR is 16 PCR machines embedded in a single machine. Through several patented solutions, this machine makes the PCR process more accurate, reproducible and faster – and at a significantly lower price than other PCR machines on the market today.

Xtel has developed the highly complex product as a turn-key project for the customer with great success.

Xtel has been responsible for software, hardware and mechanics development, project management, approval and production.

The product takes the known technology (PCR) to a new level. It provides the users with a unique product where precision and repeatability are far better than other products on the market.

The minicube also reduces time consumption by 50-75%, making it a pioneering product within the segment. With the Minicuben, users are given greater certainty for the results as well as the opportunity to recreate the experiment. The results are collected on a server and can therefore be used internally, but can also be exchanged with other users for comparison of results.

Minicube PCR:

Minicube PCR is a faster and more accurate PCR machine than the conventional machines on the market today.

The Minicube PCR solultion:

  • The minicube functions as an advanced oven where the temperature must be adjustable between 4-99 ° with an accuracy of 0.01 ° C
  • Minicube sends and receives data through BLE, WiFi as well as a tailored Cloud solution.
  • The Minicube Tablet application can configure local WiFi setup via BLE.
  • It can control and configure multiple Minicubes from one device.
  • Sharing one Minicube between multiple tablets.
GNAcode betjener deres IoT-enhed igennem iPad

Technical specification

Minicube is a complete IoT-enabled product that incorporates all aspects of engineering – from hardware, software and mechanics to manufacturing. In the development of Minicube, work has been done on wireless communication such as BLE and WiFi, thermal systems, material technology, Linux, RTOS, cloud, Big Data and application development.

From a technical point of view, the biggest challenge in developing Minicube was the influence of each chamber on the other. The chambers may have different temperatures depending on where the individual sample is in the process. For example, chambers next to each other can have a temperature difference of more than 70 degrees Celcius – and the distance between the chambers is only 3 mm! For this reason, we constructed thermal insulation between the chambers so the temperatures of the individual chambers do not affect each other.

The Minicube hardware is designed around the mechanical requirements of the system and the software is designed to suppress the mechanical tolerances introduced in production. In this way, the Minicube product is thus developed that the mechanical processes do not affect the system’s performance, which ensures the same results for all machines produced.

  • Cortex M3 and M0 processors
  • Freescale i.MX287 processors (ARM9)
  • RTOS
  • Hard Real Time Schedular
  • Linux
  • USB
  • Bluetooth SMART
  • WiFi, 2,4 Ghz og 5 Ghz
  • LAN
  • RS232
  • SD card
  • PSU
  • DCDC Converter
  • Peltier control
  • 24 bit ADC
  • RF and aerial design
illustration af funktionalitet ved HNACodes MInicube

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