– the digital bike lock of the future

Xtel has helped PentaLock develop the ‘PL1-Immobilizer’ – an advanced hi-tech product incorporating numerous IoT technologies, which have been classily integrated into the crank.

The digital bike lock of the future

PentaLock’s ‘PL1-Immobilizer’ is a fully integrated lock system placed in the crank of the bike. When the lock is activated, the pedals cannot be turned, and the lock is activated automatically when the digital key tag is out of proximity. The bike is unlocked again when the key tag is within proximity, i.e. within the radio signal area, and the user begins to move the bike. The system has a buzzer for user notifications, e.g. when the bike is locked/unlocked, or in the event of an alarm.

Pentalock digital cykellås

Technical main features

  • Buzzer for alarm and user notification
  • Accelerometer for tilt and motion detection
  • Motor control
  • Battery optimation to extend the system’s battery life
  • Proximity sensor for automatic locking/unlocking
  • Software security
  • Bluetooth digital key fob
Pentalock digital cykellås

You can read more about Bluetooth here