We have developed a complete IoT system for an intelligent, measurable and motivational rehabilitation robot

Robofit training system

The training system consists of several separate units:
– A robot that physically helps the citizen to perform the actual rehabilitation and who makes all the direct measurements of the citizen.

– An iPad, with a Robofit App installed, which communicates wirelessly with the robot, and at the same time connects to the database where the citizen’s training programs and training documentation are stored. The app guides and motivates the citizen to complete his individual rehabilitation program. The therapist can also setup and edit exercises and exercise programs, create new citizens, and extract detailed training analyzes via the App.

– A card reader where the citizen’s access card is scanned to log on to the iPad.


Business Case

Based on tests in a larger Danish municipality, a business case has been calculated, where significant gains have been found on time savings and reduction of sickness benefits.

The following gains are calculated in DKK per year per Robofit system (160 citizens):

Business Models

Robofit is a brand new type of rehabilitation system that invites you to think in new business models. Through several intensive workshops, Xtel has helped Robofit to develop various business models with an associated Product Road Map, so earnings potential is optimized for product features and value creation. We have worked with Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, and internet-developed methods to identify and clarify future business potentials for Robofit.
This has resulted in brand new opportunities and unprecedented business models in the healthcare sector such as Servicization, Selling Product Performance, Full Service Provider, Reverse Bait and Hook, Pay-As-You-Go and many other options.


Robofit giver terapeuten overblik og indsigt, når borgeren træner selv

    Robofit adapts exactly to the strength the citizen has

    The patented training algorithm is the focal point of Robofit. The training algorithm allows the robot to perform three different exercises in the same path.

    Robofit allows many identical repetitions, and the therapist has both hands free to investigate the citizen’s joints in both passive, led-active and active movement patterns.

    It is also possible to do both concentric muscle work and eccentric muscle work in the same movement. Robofit adapts exactly to the strength the citizen has at a given time – a task that requires great self-discipline for a citizen himself to perform, for example via a manual trick.

    The graphs below illustrate muscle work during exercise.

    For the development of Robofit, we have had the following competencies in play:

    • Concept
    • Business
    • Hardware Development
    • Mechanics Development
    • Software
    • Product Maturation
    • Diet Optimization
    • Product Design
    • App Development
    • Interface Design
    • Identity and brand
    • Web Design

    You can read more about Robofit rehabilitation system here