Intelligent and motivating rehabilitation

We developed a complete IoT system for an intelligent, measurable and motivating rehabilitation robot.

The Robofit rehabilitation system

Visualisering over hvordan robofit fungere og integreres

The system is comprised of individual components:

– A robot that physically helps the patient perform the rehabilitation exercises and making all direct measurements of the patient.

–An iPad with a Robofit app that communicates wirelessly with the robot and at the same time is the link to the database storing the patient’s training programs and documentation. The app guides and motivates the patient to do his or her individualized rehabilitation program.
The therapist can also set up and edit exercises and exercise programs, create new patients and extract detailed training analyzes through the app.

– A card reader where the patient’s access card is scanned to sign in to the iPad.

Business Case

Based on tests in a larger Danish municipality, a business case has been calculated, where has resulted in large gains on time savings and reduction of sickness benefit.

The following gains are calculated in DKK per year per Robofit system (160 patients):

Gains on time savings

 Reduced time spent on documentation because Robofit can be implemented in a healthcare system.

Billede der viser at den årlige gevinst ved Robofit er 41600 kr.

Reduced time spent with effective joint measurement, documentation, instruction in and adjustment of exercises as well as guidance on the rehabilitation process and pain management.

Billede der viser at den årlige gevinst ved Robofit er 115200 kr.

Gains from reduction of sickness benefit

Faster rehabilitation. (50% reduction of the patient’s sickness benefit period measured by the test in the municipality).

Billede der viser at den årlige gevinst ved Robofit er 10660960 kr.

If Robofit can only contribute to a reduction in sickness benefit of 1% (and not as much as 50% as measured in the municipality), it results in a saving per system of DKK 263,000 annually, which earns the cost of Robofit home in just 3 months.

Business models

Robofit is a brand new type of rehabilitation system that invites to think in new business models. Through several intensive workshops, Xtel has helped Robofit develop various business models including a Product Road Map, which ensures that the revenue potential is optimized for the product’s features and value creation. We have worked with Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, and internet developed methods to identify and clarify future business potentials for Robofit. This has resulted in brand new opportunities and unprecedented business models in healthcare such as Servicization, Selling Product Performance, Full Service Provider, Reverse Bait and Hook, Pay-As-You-Go and many other options.

Forskellige robofit modeller

Robofit provides the therapist an overview and insight when the patient trains himself

Robofit adapt exactly to the strength of the patient

The patented training algorithm is the focal point of Robofit. The training algorithm allows the robot to perform three different exercises in the same trajectory.

Robofit enables many identical repetitions, and the therapist has both hands free to examine the patient’s joint movements in both passive, joint-active and active movement patterns.

It is also possible to do both concentric muscular exertion and eccentric muscular exertion in the same movement. Robofit adapts exactly to the strength of the patient at any given time – a task that requires a great deal of self-discipline for a patient to perform, for example via a manual pulley.

The graphs below illustrate the muscular exertion during exercise.

Diagram der viser udbyttet af trisse-træning
Diagram der viser udbyttet af Robofit-træning

For the development of Robofit, we have had the following skills in play:

  •     Concept development
  •     Business development
  •     Hardware development
  •     Mechanics development
  •     Software development
  •     Product maturing
  •     Cost optimization
  •     Product design
  •     App development
  •     Interface design
  •     Identity and brand
  •     Web design

You can read more about the rehabilitation system Robofit here