SEMS: Energy optimizing the Læsø–Frederikshavn ferry

Automated energy consumption monitoring system

The SEMS (Ship Energy Monitoring System) was designed to meet the increasing demand for energy optimization solutions in the marine industry.

The ferry line servicing the Danish island of Læsø was looking for a system to monitor its vessels’ most energy consuming systems, such as those providing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.
Optimization of power generation was also a concern.

Xtel developed an information system to measure, detect, and display the energy consumption of each individual system. Smart calculations offer easy-to-monitor data and visualizations of energy efficiency. The system was developed in HTML5 and could thus be executed on different platforms. Today it is used to visualize poor user behavior and thereby change attitudes to energy wastage among the employees.

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insigt.”

Carly Fiorina

Technical specifications

Graphical touch displays mounted in traffic areas on the ferry show real-time values, energy efficiency using a well known labeling system, and accumulated data on energy consumption per trip and over the five previous trips, as well as the amount of fuel saved.

From a single screen, an overview is created on the basis of the energy consumption data collected by a PC installed in the engine room. The computer processes the data and produces detailed graphical images of usage and consumption patterns for the entire vessel and all of its zones.

Energy consumption can also be monitored from shore through wireless access systems. Earlier data can be scrutinized to identify the best possibilities for energy optimization.