Telenoid: the human care robot

Basic research in welfare technology for the Danish health services in collaboration with public and private companies.


The Telenoid communications robot was developed by Japanese professor Hiroshi Ishiguro. Simply put, this unique device is a remote-controlled communications robot.

The less than user-friendly design of the prototype Telenoid meant that is was not useful in senior care. Collaborating with the Danish SOSU Nord care training college and Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, Xtel further developed the Telenoid robot’s software system, making it more robust and user-friendly. By optimizing the stability of the robot’s software, we made it easy for the less technically minded staff of a nursing home to set up and control the Telenoid system.



  • WiFi as communications interface
  • Application optimization for PC
  • Bluetooth low energy
  • Web service
  • Multicast DNS

Technical specifications

The Telenoid’s surface was designed to resemble human skin and its skeleton consists of mechanical parts that allow the arms and head to move. Resembling neither a man nor a woman, a child nor an adult, the robot offers company to people of different ages and sexes.

The robot operator communicates with seniors through advanced video and audio technology solutions. The person can be given a hug via remote control of the robot’s arms. Its ability to convey the user’s facial expression makes the Telenoid robot a telepresence technology that can simulate the presence of the person communicating  through it.