Cellular IoT

Connect your product directly to the cellular network

Imagine connecting your product to the mobile network and still having battery lifetime of up to 10 years and a radio chipset below 5$ and equipped with the flexible eSIM.

The Internet of Things industry is moving fast and one of the newest technology accelerators in this field is the Cellular IoT. The cellular IoT group of technologies covers a wide range of 3GPP standardizing from the current LTE CAT.0 to CAT.NB1/M1 and future 5G. With introduction of 3GPP release 13 and upcoming release 14 the cellular industry is moving into real IoT equipment with focus on low power, low cost and extended range features. The complexity is down to 15% of a normal 3 or 4G modem and the CAT.NB1 and CAT.M1 is really designed for IoT products.

Xtel Wireless have many years of experience with radio chipset development and integration for costumer products and we have started the first couple of Cellular IoT projects. For more information on Cellular IoT contact us for a talk.

3GPP Roadmap Towards 5G mMTC

Cellular IoT hovedfeatures

Support of diverse use cases – mobile/stationary high data rate/low data rate.


Licensed spectrum, global availability.


Standardization bodies
3GPP, Visionary – constantly designing and developing future mobile technologies standards supporting our societies. Currently.


Narrow band IoT (CAT.NB1)
Low Power, Low cost.


No need to struggle with a physical SIM in production or when changing service provider.


Based on existing network infrastructure
Newest LPWA standards (3GPP) only needs SW update to be enabled on existing network infrastructure.

For more information on Cellular IoT – contact us for a talk.

Contact Mogens Nielsen – mdn@xtel.dk or +45 30 98 41 40