Xtels’ Smart Sensor module

Small size. Low power. Wireless.

Easy configurable and moduable sensor module

The Smart sensor module is characterized by its intelligence (programmable microcontroller), easy configurable, easy setup, , small size and low power features. Because we use wireless technology we don’t need to pull any cables and we can configure each sensor module through the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol. It enables us to setup and configure a sensor module in minutes and then you have data in the cloud via a gateway.

Xtels Smart sensor module can be considered as a platform where we derive and develop costumer specific sensor modules. This mean that we can achieve features that in the end enables new business opportunities for our customers.

Xtels’ range of sensors we have successfully implemented:

  • Ambient temperature sensor
  • Atmospheric air pressure sensor
  • Gyro sensor
  • Accelerometer sensor
  • Liquid high monitoring sensor
  • Proximity (Radio and capacitive)
  • Thermocouples (from -270 °C to +400 °C)
  • Capacitive pressure sensor
  • Capacitive proximity sensor
  • Indoor Climate (CO2, VOC)
  • Vibration

Xtels’ Smart Sensor module supports Bluetooth Low Energy as basic configuration, but we always consider alternatives and compare these on price, power consumption and range.

Contact Martin if you wish to learn more about Xtel’s Smart Sensor module.

Martin Jørgensen – Email: mj@xtel.dk or Tel.: +45 25 38 10 54