From idea to succes

Innovative product development

We have developed many IoT ideas together with our customers. From small consumer products to IoT sensors to high-rise diesel engines. No matter the type of IoT task you are facing, Xtel has the knowledge you need.

Aguardio IoT device

Nudging device for savings in the shower

Aguardio is a small nudging device to be placed in the shower cabinet with the purpose to change shower behavior and thus reducing water and energy consumption.

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Monitoring of diesel engines

MAN Energy Solutions optimizes and streamlines their giant diesel engines with  Xtel’s easy-to-set wireless IoT sensors – without down-time.

Pentalock Lock

The digital bike lock of the future

PentaLock’s “PL1-Immobilizer” is a fully integrated electronic lock system placed in the crank of the bike incl. a digital key to lock/unlock. Contains, e.g. alarm, tilt and motion detection.

Exodraft solution

Intelligent remote control for fireplace

A complete Xzense system to exodraft ensuring their customers are getting full control over their fireplace and maximum comfort in combination with an exodraft smoke extractor.

Optimization of high-pressure pumps

Danfoss High Pressure Pumps, which are used in freshwater plants, make their wired sensors wireless and optimize and streamline their installation efforts.

Detect leaking toilets with IoT

Using Aguardio Leak Sensor, it is possible to detect and get notified when there is a leak and thereby avoid costly and unexpected water bills.

Mand træner med udstyr med implementerert IoT

Intelligent rehabilitation robot

A complete IoT system for an intelligent, measurable and motivating rehabilitation robot. Xtel has been responsible for hardware, software, mechanics and app development.


A new generation of PCR machines

We have developed the small, compact and innovative DNA copier, MinicubePCR. It is faster, more accurate and can handle as many as 16 individual settings at one time.

Monitoring of buoys at the port of Aalborg

We have developed a solution for Port of Aalborg which will monitor the buoys in the Limfjord as proactive operational support such as avoiding disappearing buoys.

Rat trap upgraded with IoT technologies

Ratel’s product, RatTrap, sends information about the numbers of put downed rats, water level in the well and servicing need of the device.


Energy optimaztion on the Læsø ferry

SEMS is a system for monitoring and optimizing energy consumption. It visualizes and processes poor consumer behavior and changes the attitude towards energy waste.

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