IoT in health and welfare technology

The public sector focus on IoT in welfare

Do you have a good IoT idea in the welfare field, it might be time for it to become a reality.

Savings and more personnel for citizens-related service

In the health sector, the focus has been on the fact that IoT can help create noticeable savings and more efficient workflows, which in turn release funds for more personnel in the sector.

The government has set aside funds for new IoT technologies to be tested, which enables these digital welfare solutions to be disseminated more quickly in municipalities and regions for the benefit of citizens. If you have a good idea, it is possible to get your project co-financed.

Xtel’s cases within the health and welfare area

Xtel has several customers developing IoT products in the field of welfare technology. For the company Robofit, the rehabilitation robot has already proven its business case in testing at several major Danish municipalities. In addition to the citizens’ stated joy of faster rehabilitation and higher compliance, the tests also showed a 50% reduction in the citizens’ period of sickness benefit.


An entirely new generation of PCR machines

We have developed the innovative DNA copying machine, Minecube PCR. It is faster, more accurate and can handle 16 different settings at once.

Mand der træning er Robofit, personlig træning med IoT

Intelligent rehabilitation robot

A complete IoT system for an intelligent, measurable and motivating rehabilitation robot for rehabilitation of shoulder injuries.

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