IoT in industry

– Robust products

Products for industrial use have stricter requirements than ordinary consumer products. These requirements make the products more robust and resistant as a higher standard is set in terms of durability, service and usability.

We developed many solutions within the industry

Xtel develops many different products for the industry and has many years of experience with this; This experience, combined with a number of competencies in this development area, enables us to deliver products that meet the industry’s requirements for use and durability. Several products need to be able to withstand moisture, water, high temperatures and the like, which makes the development of the products more complex than, for example, consumer products. Today, our solutions can be found in, among other things, motors, power plants, production plants, control boxes and warehouses.

Løsningsidéer inden for industri

Energy Harvesting

Undgå batterier – udnyt energien i omgivelserne, fx varme, mekanik, lys eller RF-signal.

Avoid batteries – harness the energy of the environment, e.g. heat, mechanics, light or RF signal.

Smart Batteries

Få kontrol over dine produkters energiforsyning og en få en servicefordel på dine produkter.

Get control of your products’ energy supply and get a service advantage on your products.

Tracking and logistic

.Xtel has developed a tracking solution that can be utilized as a logistic solution as well

Storage monitoring

Warehouses with climate-sensitive products use IoT sensors that emit alarms if the climate changes. The data thus constitutes documentation for proper storage, etc.

Materials handling

For companies that transport food, it is extremely important to prove the temperature has been correct and has been handled as required throughout the transport.

Smart Sensors

Forsyn dine produktionsomgivelser og maskiner med trådløse sensorer, og overvåg fx luftfugtighed og vibration mv. Anvend dataene til optimering eller  dokumentation.

Provide your production environment and machines with wireless sensors, and monitor humidity and vibration, etc. Use the data for optimization or documentation.

Contact Martin if you are interested in hearing more about IoT within the industry

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