Bluetooth LE

Low cost, low power consumption and Smartphone support

Bluetooth Low Energy is one of the standard technologies that we apply in our Smart Sensor modules.

Bluetooth LE; The world’s most widely used communication protocol

The Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) technology is the most widely used wireless communication protocol available on the market today, as it is found in all Smartphones, tablets and laptops. This ensures a well-proven technology standard that is well-tested and with a low price level. Another advantage of Bluetooth LE, is the low power consumption by which a Bluetooth LE sensor module can operate up to 10 years on a single button cell battery (CR2032).

Xtel Wireless has many years of experience with Bluetooth LE and it is an established part of our platform – Moviot. We have made a large selection of Smart sensor modules, which achieve long battery life as well as a small form factor.

Xtel Bluetooth LE Platform –  main features:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2
  • Production tool, i.e. we have the equipment and IT systems to put products into production
  • Firmware update
  • Integration of a wide range of sensor types such as temperature, humidity, vibration etc.
  • Design-in on the customer’s products
  • Development of completely new IoT products
  • Primary cell, (CR2032) battery with up to 10 years lifetime
  • Possibility of rechargeable battery, Wireless charging (Qi) or Energy Harvesting

Contact Mogens to learn more about Bluetooth Low Energy and whether it will be advantageous to apply to your IoT project.

Mogens Durup Nielsen – or +45 30 98 41 40