Energy Harvesting

Avoid batteries – harvest energy from the environment

Energy Harvesting offers potential for all industries and can be placed in poorly accessible areas. Xtel has developed various products involving Energy Harvesting for our customers. 

Energy Harvesting – sensors without batteries

The technology behind Energy Harvesting can collect one or more types of energy available from the sensors’ immediate environment, and transfer these into electrical energy.  In an efficient Energy Harvesting design, the relatively low levels of ambient energy can be converted to electrical power, which is then used in the electrical system. 

We have developed an Energy Harvesting platform, which has already been used fully or partly in the products we have developed for our customers. 

Energy Harvesting sensors enable the sensors to be placed in locations that were previously inaccessible, due to among other things, battery change. This provides the ability to monitor, receive alarms and regulate the various products in a building in a different way than today.

Many IoT sensors – such as smart meters, lighting and thermostats – are today most commonly connected via cables or operate as wireless, battery-powered sensors. However, wireless sensors are often associated with maintenance costs in the form of their installation and in connection with battery replacement.

Wireless sensors utilizing Energy Harvesting significantly reduce maintenance costs as these sensors are self-sufficient with energy – ie. the sensors do not include any battery but are still wireless. In addition, Energy Harvesting sensor modules can be placed in areas that are otherwise difficult to access.

Ingen batterier ikon

Energy Harvesting sensors are self-powered (battery-free). They harvest and store energy from the sensors’ immediate environment. 

Build in ikon

Energy Harvesting sensors are easy to retrofit, install and embed in areas that are difficult to access and in harsh environments.

Økonomisk ikon

Energy Harvesting sensors have a long operating time – minimum 15 years – and are not required to be serviced to the same extent as battery-powered sensors.

Xtel’s Energy Harvesting platform

Xtel has a historical background in wireless technology and Ultra-Low Power devices and has innovated strongly in the Energy Harvesting area in recent years. We have developed an Energy Harvesting platform that enables completely new innovative IoT solutions and business models for industrial products and systems. With our Wireless Energy Harvesting sensors, we have specialized and optimized the interface circuits for the sensors. This allows the ultra-low power levels in the energy harvest to be controlled, thereby enabling a replacement of the conventional battery-powered sensors. The Energy Harvesting sensors are autonomous wireless sensors that solve many of the known issues of the current IoT sensors as well as providing a cost-effective and convenient solution for our customers.

Xtel Energy Harvesting platform

Visualisering af energy harvesting platform

To the left of the illustration, the various energy sources that collect energy for the platform are seen. Crucial is the highly advanced Energy Management System, which includes both energy storage, regulation and management. The energy storage replaces the current energy sources (batteries) and can be scaled, enabling the sensors to store and use the Energy Harvesting generated power – from minutes to half a year – without supplying new and constant energy. In addition, the Energy Management system also includes regulation and control of the RF signal and the microcontroller. The data is transmitted via the radio, which is typically a Low Power Bluetooth, ZigBee or Low Power WiFi. Common to all of them, is that they over time use very little energy due to short-reach or have very little data being sent. Finally, applied technology is selected on the basis of factors such as how much energy can be harvested from the environment and the frequency of its generation by which the data is to be collected and transmitted. This also means that the individual Energy Harvesting products are tailored to the customers.

The sensor and RF radio are built on the basis of Xtel’s well-known and proven IoT Product platform – Moviot. The platform provides a foundation for the technology, enabling each customer to define their specifications, for each product, based on their current needs and desires.

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