Xtel’s IoT Platform

Get a head start on your IoT project

Our IoT product platform, Moviot, is a collection of tested and reliable IoT technologies. With this platform, you can get started on your IoT project quickly.

Moviot – our IoT product platform

We have developed a wide range of IoT projects for our clients using Moviot, which is your guarantee that our IoT technologies are fully tested and stable. Our accumulated knowledge enables us to help you get a head-start and bring your IoT product to market faster and with minimized risk. Whether you wish to use our platform directly, or you need help with IoT development within your area of business, you will always be one step ahead of your competitors with this choice.

Moviot IoT product platform consist of

Forskellige IoT-enheder

Moviot IoT devices

Moviot Core allows you to develop an IoT product in a short time. We have developed the cornerstones, and then we tailor the rest to make your product unique. Our technologies can also be built into your existing products.

Monitorering og overvågning gennem mobilapp

Moviot App

A basic mobile app from which you easily, and ‘on-location’, can activate, install and configure your IoT devices. From here, you can also view the location of the devices on Google Maps or an uploaded image/floor plan.

Monitorering af enhed gennem PC og iPad

Moviot Cloud

By Moviot’s basic cloud solution, you can structure and monitor your IoT devices. Here, you create locations, associate users and set critical values and alarms. We can also send data outside our cloud and to your own cloud server.

Video: Mogens tells what you can use Moviot for

IoT-technologies in Moviot

Radio ikon


Bluetooth BLE

Gateway ikon


Standard gateway
Industrial robust gateway
Powerplug mini gateway

Cloud ikon


Payment services

Power Management ikon

Power Management

Energy Harvesting
Wireless charging – Qi
Smart Batteries

Sensormodul ikon

Sensor Module

Programming modules
Software updates over the air
Testing module

App ikon


BLE module
Cloud module
Security framework

Produktion ikon

Productions tools

Programming module
Tracking and storage of  HW and SW revision
Testing module

Visualisering at moviot platformen

Contact Mogens if you are going to develop an IoT product, implement IoT in your production or have other ideas for an IoT project.

Mogens Durup Nielsen – mdn@xtel.dk or +45 3098 4140