The solutions enabled by the Internet of Things create new business fields

Business potential and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) brings with it efficiency improvements and optimization. It offers potential both to companies seeking to optimize existing products and to those offering completely new product categories with in information technology.

The Internet of Things represents a whole new way of doing business. Your company will grow its business and entirely new business models will be created. In the coming decades, we will see booming business in the IoT, with annual earnings expected to reach billions of dollars.

The potential turnover of the IoT will be US$3.9–11.1 trillion per year in 2025.

McKinsey & Company, 2015

From the Internet of Things to business

Leading analysis firms all predict the great potential of the IoT:

Research firm Gartner, Inc., estimates that by 2020, more than 30 billion devices will be connected to the Internet.

Cisco foresees that 50 billion objects globally, or 2.7 percent of all devices, will be connected to the Internet in 2020.

McKinsey projects that the direct economic impact of the IoT will be US$6.2 billion annually by 2025.

By applying sensors to their products, companies will be able to harvest a variety of data to support proactive customer services. Through monitoring, errors in the customer’s devices or products can be reported in time before a problem occurs.

Wireless sensors and IT infrastructure have reached very high levels of maturity and offer interesting opportunities for most industries. Today, relatively small investments allow companies to introduce sensors into their products and systems.

The solutions available support all types of electronic products, including PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. By combining sensors, the monitoring of temperature, pressure, humidity, and others is simplified.

Opportunities offered by the Internet of Things

Handling and transport of goods

By embedding intelligent sensors, companies that manufacture thermal storage boxes can supply relevant data on temperature, position, and other parameters of goods in transit. Through a built-in online temperature and tilt sensor, the manufacturer or user can check that the required conditions have been complied.
The reusable sensor is easy to remove.

Wireless monitoring of production machinery

Wireless sensors enable manufacturers of production machinery to continually monitor the wear and tear on their products. Costly production stoppages are avoided through continuous electronic surveillance via integrated temperature, vibration, and pressure sensors which ensure that machines are serviced in time before breakdown.

Sensor modules developed by Xtel:


Several sensors can be combined into a single solution.

  • GYRO
  • UV
  • PROXIMITY (radio or capacitive)
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