What is the Internet of Things?
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The Internet of Things (IoT)

The harvesting of data enables the Internet of Things to make our everyday electronic appliances intelligent. The data are converted into valuable knowledge that, when used intelligently, can help the companies.

The IoT is evolving as the result of the data collected by sensor-equipped devices. Analysis tools translate the data into knowledge, which is presented via a customer-defined user interface allowing for individualized message alarm levels for the individual devices.

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What is the Internet of Things?

The device (the Thing):

Typically a sensor that collects or emits data.

Data transmission (the Internet)

The Internet-connected network to which the device is hooked up.


Data is processed and presented on a mobile device or a PC.

The Internet of Things —technically speaking

The Internet of Things refers to the control of the units that transmit or receive data and the presentation of the most essential data to the customer, whether they are using a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or gateway.

The wireless technologies used vary with the product application: WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Zwave, and RFID are typical choices. Technologies may be combined to achieve the best result and so that the customer is not tied to a particular technology.

Energy consumption in wireless sensor technology is ultralow, with sensors running for 5–10 years on a single button cell battery. In some cases the battery can be removed altogether by collecting energy from the surroundings—from light, vibrations, heat, and so on, also known as energy harvesting.

Sensor modules developed by Xtel:


Several sensors can be combined
into a single solution.

  • GYRO
  • UV
  • PROXIMITY (radio or capacitive)
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