Approval and production

– Our many years of experience are your advantages

At Xtel, we have built a production setup where we track software and hardware revisions, perform production tests and develop individual products in a large volume. Xtel does also has many years of experience with product approvals.

Xtel Wireless Production Tool

At Xtel, we have built a production setup that is used when our customer’s products are ready to be mass-produced. Xtel’s Production Tool includes programming the individual units and performing the necessary production test. All data is stored in a cloud database which is built for each of our customers.

Over the years, Xtel Wireless has built up a large network of subcontractors where we can carry out the actual production of our customers’ products. The variety of suppliers allows us to handle everything from small prototype series to large productions of many thousands of units per month. Our standard setup is electronics production in Denmark with assembly and mass production in Poland.

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Produktion af enhed

We help you through the approval procedures

When introducing a commercial product, it must pass through a series of approvals, depending on features, industry, technologies and materials. Therefore, it is important to team up with the right skills. At Xtel, we can handle this part and thus both relieve our customers and at the same time help them reach the market faster.

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Contact Mogens to learn more about Xtel’s help with approval and production

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