Industry 4.0

– upgrade to industry 4.0 with wireless sensors

With wireless IoT sensors, both production and efficiency can be improved and breakdowns can be predicted. Data can also be used for documentation/certifications.

IoT brings benefits into the industry

There are many opportunities and benefits in the concept of Internet of Things (IoT). More and more companies are starting to implement IoT sensors for data collection as a natural part of their production.

When things get a language, they are able to communicate to us when e.g. critical values ​​are exceeded and adjustments are needed. You will be warned right away and can avoid expensive faulty productions, ensure the quality of production is always the same and thereby achieve higher utilization of the production equipment. When the sensors digitally collect data, you can even automatically document your measurements.

Industry 4.0 in less 30 minutes

All you need to get started with Industry 4.0 are a few IoT sensors, a data collector and a cloud solution that can show you how to manage the data collected by the sensors. Xtel has developed robust sensors and data collectors specifically for the industrial environment. We also provide a cloud solution from which you can monitor your data as well as set critical values ​​and alarm requirements. However, you can also use other standardized visualization and data processing solutions, such as MS Azure Cloud.

Setting up our IoT system is so easy that it does not require specialized technical skills. Since it is wireless, it can be put up in approx. half an hour – without having to stop production.

Visualisering af en PLC controller og IoT Gateway

Avoid production stops – anticipate breakdowns

You simply set the wireless IoT sensors to alert at critical values ​​to ensure the correct production conditions. A vibration sensor mounted on rotating machine parts can indicate wear and predict breakdowns, so repairs can be planned appropriately without costly production stops.

Testing and fault-finding with IoT sensors

In many industries, it is important to check the temperature at various critical points. It can be for preventing breakdowns or running temperature-dependent tests. These can be pipes containing temperate water for which knowledge of the fluctuation is desired. With one of Xtel’s thermocouples, type T,  you get an accurate point measurement between -270 ° C and 400 ° C. It contains Dual Cold Function that enables it to measure thermocouple temperature at two points and simultaneously measure room temperature for accurate calculation.

Several sensor modules developed by Xtel:

Several sensors can be combined in one solution.

  • Temperatures in surrounding environment
  • Temperature in specific locations up to 1250 degrees
  • Humidity
  • Vibration
  • Pressure – Atmospheric
  • Pressure
  • Proximity (radio and capacitive)
  • Operations time
  • CO2 – Indoor climate
  • Gyro
  • Liquid level
  • Light
  • Sound

Contact Mogens if you want to learn more about the benefits you can reap by implementing IoT in your production.

Mogens Durup Nielsen – or +45 30 98 41 40