Xtel’s IoT solutions

Get started on your IoT-project quickly

We have developed a wide range of IoT projects for our clients using Moviot. Whether you wish to use our platform directly, or you need help with IoT development, Moviot helps your IoT project off to a productive start with minimized risk.

We have made the groundwork for you to get a head start

We have developed numerous IoT solutions throughout the years. If your project is similar to one of our previous IoT projects you can take a shortcut and shorten the development phase.

This means that you get access to a well-tested platform that is already being used by other clients, which reduces the risk in your project.

Tracking & logistics

With the latest NB-IoT technologies as NB-IoT and LTE-M, we can now provide affordable tracking products supported worldwide with a significantly longer battery operating time and wider reach than the devices on the market today.


By Xtel’s Smart Batteries solution, we can centrally monitor battery-powered devices and thereby make scheduled service. In addition, we also monitor other conditions that have an impact on battery life, such as temperatures. Xtel does also provide solutions to improve battery life and faster charging.

Industri 4.0

Xtel’s IoT platform is created for introducing Industry 4.0 solutions to manufacturing companies. The solution makes it easy and fast to set up and configure the wireless sensors in the production facilities – without downtime.

Energy Harvesting

Deploying Energy Harvesting allows for battery-free products by collecting energy available from the immediate environment. Energy Harvesting offers potential for all industries and can be placed in poorly accessible areas. At Xtel, we have developed an Energy Harvesting platform that has been fully or partly used in the products we have developed for our customers.

Security and digital payment

Digital payment is gaining ground. That is why we at Xtel have developed a payment and security framework by which we easily can develop customer-specific solutions that e.g. need to validate queries from NETS.

Approval and production

At Xtel, we have developed a modern production and testing setup enabling us to quickly and safely put your product into production. The production equipment ensures tracking of the units produced. Approval is a big part of a commercial product and Xtel will handle anything related to an approval process if needed.

Three great tips to get started on making your products smart

Contact Mogens to learn more about which solutions we can implement in your IoT products or solutions.

Mogens Durup Nielsen – mdn@xtel.dk or +45 30 98 41 40