Security & digital payment

– Secure payment of services via an app

With Xtel’s IoT Security & Payment concept, we can easily integrate payment into your product.

Xtel’s IoT Security & Payment concept

In the future, IoT will be integrated into many products and a new industry will arise for buying goods and services directly via e.g. a payment app or credit card.


Xtel’s IoT Product Platform – MovIoT – covers several IoT technologies that can be used for payment solutions. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and NFC are both integrated into all smartphones and tablets and are therefore a good medium for direct payment between an app and a given product. Another option could be NB-IoT which communicates directly with the mobile network.

Betaling med mobiltelefon


Digital payment options are available through Xtel’s IoT Product Platform, including MobilePay and Stripe. It will also be possible to integrate other payment platforms as the concept is prepared for this.


Security must be considered thoroughly from the end-user, product, app, server and to production. Doing it in reverse will be a costly investment in any IoT system. We have implemented a high level of security in our platform, while simultaneously ensuring high performance on the mobile device.

Contact Mogens if you want to learn more about Xtel’s solutions in the area of security and payment.

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