Smart Batteries

– get greater control of your product’s energy supply

Can for instance diagnose if the quality of the battery deteriorates and with a unique ID, the batteries can always be found. This provides you a service advantage on your products.

Smart Batteries brings several benefits

Monitoring and alerting the critical values ​​of a battery is now possible through the introduction of more intelligence integrated directly into the battery pack; a wireless energy meter.

SmartBatteries der spiller sammen med mobile enheder

The wireless energy meter sends data regarding the battery, which can be read on a PC or smartphone.

It is possible to obtain data on the battery pack regarding battery charge status, battery voltage, temperature and current in both directions.

Since the energy meter is wireless and considered galvanic separated, it allows measuring each individual battery element in a stacked battery pack, without electrical connection between the battery elements. This means, that you can disconnect battery elements that are not operating properly.

The intelligent battery pack can be set to either send out data solely or instead send configuration data directly to it if you want to set up the battery pack to measure other data points. Both ways of data delivery are easily done either via the mobile phone or a gateway.

The battery pack can be equipped with various radio technologies:

Bluetooth logo

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE),  short reach  (30m – 100m), which all mobile phones are able to communicate with.

NB-IoT logo

NB-IoT. New radio technology benefits from using existing mobile phone technology such as 4G and 5G.

Illustrationaf smartbatterier og mobilapp der synkronisere


  • Unique ID
  • Measures accumulated battery charge and discharge
  • 16-bit ADC measures voltage, current and temperature
  • Measurement accuracy better than 1%
  • No level offset circuit required


  • Current charge status, voltage, temperature and current in and out of the battery cell
  • Cell Balancing monitoring
  • Ability to diagnose new errors, for example, if the quality of the battery is degraded
  • Clear and easy logistics – with the unique ID, the batteries can always be found 
  • Cost-saving of annual maintenance 
  • Battery life optimization

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