Smart Home Solutions

Make everyday life better by integrating IoT at home.

Smart Home is gaining ground, so now is a great time to make your home devices intelligent with IoT.

Make everyday life easy and sustainable with Smart Home and IoT

Every year, a huge amount of inefficient and unnecessary electricity, heat and water are used in Denmark. By making the home smarter, the unnecessarily high level of CO2 emission can quickly be reduced while everyday life becomes easier.

The opportunities with Smart Home solutions are many. It is e.g. possible to control products wirelessly in the home via an intelligent remote control/app while collecting usable data. IoT can also be used as nudging devices in the home with the purpose to change habits in a more sustainable direction.

Xtel’s cases within Smart Home

Xtel has several customers developing IoT products within Smart Home. For the company Aguardio, the nudging device has already proved its business case in several pilot projects in Denmark, Spain, USA and UK during a period of 18-month, where the visualization of shower time has nudged us to reduce the time under the shower by up to 30%.

Exodraft solution

Intelligent remote control for fireplace

The Xzense system to exodraft is ensuring their customers are getting full control over their fireplace and maximum comfort in combination with an exodraft smoke extractor.

Aguardio IoT device

Nudging device for savings in the shower

Aguardio is a small nudging device to be placed in the shower cabinet with the purpose to change shower behavior and thus reducing water and energy consumption.

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