Smart Sensors

Wireless multi-sensors with low power consumptions

We have developed and implemented a wide range of wireless sensors with success. This allows us to set up and configure a sensor module in just a few minutes, and you will have data in the Cloud.

Easily configurable and modular sensor module

The Smart Sensor modules are characterized by their intelligence (programmable micro controller), easy configuration, easy set-up, small form factor and low power consumption. We use wireless technology, so no cables are necessary. We configure the sensor module via smartphone or tablet. This allows us to set up and configure a sensor module in just a few minutes, and you quickly get access to your data in the Cloud.

Xtel’s Smart Sensor module can be viewed as a platform where you can inherit and develop customer-specific sensor modules. This means, we can achieve features that provide new business opportunities for our customers.

Smart Sensors concepts developed by Xtel:

Weather station

Registers the condition of temperature, humidity and pressure (Atm). Can be used to ensure the optimum environment in the production of highly sensitive equipment.


Registers change of speed of an object. Commonly used for registering increased vibration that could be a sign of wear and tear on machine parts. It also registers gyro/tilt.

Push Button

Registers a button press. Can be used as digital documentation instead of the manual documentation process. Also suitable for controlling open/closed doors/gates or switches.


Measures at a specific point, extreme temperature from -200 ° C to + 1250 ° C, depending on the type of thermocouple you choose. It also contains a room temperature sensor measuring -55 ° C to + 125 ° C.

Activity Counter

Register activity with either an infrared or magnetic sensor. Can be used to count production units on conveyor belts. Infrared is also suitable for measuring human presence in front of the sensor.

Zone Detection

When registering RSSI signal, the sensors can detect the presence of a specific object or person. It can be used to ensure that only one particular person equipped with one particular Bluetooth device can operate one particular machine.

Indoor Climate

Measures temperature, humidity, CO2 level and VOC level. Can be used to ensure optimal environment in homes, schools or production facilities.


High-pressure sensors for measuring pressure in piping systems or similar. Typically used in the industry. Xtel also provides specially designed sensors that can measure weight.

Operations time

Operations time is used to measure how long a particular product has been operating. Typically used to gain insight into how often a product is used.

Sensors without batteries

Energy Harvesting converts one or more types of energy available from the sensors’ immediate environment, and transfer these into electrical energy. Thereby changing battery on the sensors is not necessary.

Industri 4.0

Activity registering, thermocouple, push button – there are many ways to streamline and optimize production – or document for certifications and approval.

Contact Martin if you are interested in learning more about Xtel’s Smart Sensors

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